Ever Day’s A Gift

Good Morning my friends,

I’ve noticed that most of my friends live for Friday. They’re ready for their two days away from the grind stone. ALMOST every Friday I see post like T.G.I.F., FRIDAY’s HERE!!!, It’s FRIDAY!!!,…Etc…etc.. I too use to live for Friday’s. People love Friday for many different reasons. For many it meant the same thing as me. Two days away from the grind stone. For others it meant meeting up with some friend for Friday Happy Hour, and getting their drink on. It meant a couple of chances to stay out late and sleeping-in the next morning. For others it meant two and a half days of doing whatever they wanted. I think for a lot of us we can sum it up like this, its two days of less responsibility after giving five consecutive days of responsibility.   

My good friend Barry Gottlieb whom is a speaker & life coach has written a couple of books. One was called T.G.I.T. “Thank God It’s Today” and the other is Every Day is a Gift. (I highly recommend you to read both of these books).  

Many of y’all are probably saying, “Seriously even Mondays?? I hate Mondays…” Yes, even Mondays… I think the whole problem with hating Monday’s is that we take tomorrow for granted.. We think it’s gonna be here for sure no matter what. Think about it….How would you feel about Monday if you knew it was your last? Yea you probably just learned to love your first Monday that’s part of a work week.. I have to admit that it took a HUGE slap in my face in 2012 for me to finally get IT. It’s even more relevant now that I’ve been battling cancer for three and half year.

When I surrendered to the ministry in March 2013, I knew that I needed a name for my ministry.. That’s when LAST 24 Ministries was born. Live your life like its your LAST 24.. Treat people like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.. Love like there is NO tomorrow… Worship & Praise God as if it’s your last day. There can be joy in EVERYDAY but its up to YOU to put it there…

 “The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.” (Proverbs 2:4)

No matter what your circumstances are you can always find Joy in Jesus’ Presence. Some days the Joy is generously strewn along your path, glistening in the sunlight. On days like that, being content is as simple as taking the next breath or taking your next step. Other days are overcast and gloomy. During those days you can feel the strain of the journey, which seems endless. The dull gray rocks greet your gaze and cause your feet to ache. Yet Joy is still attainable. Search for it because it’s a hidden treasure. Begin by remembering that Jesus has created this day; it’s not a chance occurrence. He is present with you whether you sense His Presence or not. Start talking with Him about whatever is on your mind. Rejoice in the fact that Jesus understands you perfectly, and He already knows exactly what you’re experiencing. As you continue communicating with Him, you will notice that your mood is gradually lightened. Be aware of His marvelous Companionship that will infuse Joy into the grayest day.

“Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.” (Psalm 21:6)

MY CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU… Start your day with “TGIT” and remember that “Every Day is a Gift.” and “Live your life like its your “LAST 24.”

I hope you have a TERRIFIC day…. Blessings & much love……D

ALWAYS…..Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!

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One thought on “Ever Day’s A Gift

  1. Good Morning Dino. I just wanted to say thank God for your Ministry and the Gift God has given you. I start my day reading your message. It helps me keep my focus on the Lord and not earthly things. It also helps me when things get a little rough.

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