God’s Amazing LOve

Good Morning my friends,

There is no doubt that we deserve far greater consequences for our rebellion and rejection of God than we will ever receive here on earth. I was thinking about about three years ago when I went through my first round of chemo at Harris Hospital.. I remember as I was walking to my room looking at all the people on the chemo floor and I was by far the healthiest person on the floor. That evening I couldn’t help but thank God because although I was going through a trial in my life, but I was still healthy. 

I can remember praying that night after my first chemo treatment. I found myself praying to be blessed with minimal nausea and other side effects as well as good healt. I stopped myself and asked, “what I was doing? Really!! I should be praying for those that have been on the 7th floor of Harris Hospital for weeks or months. Those were the people that needed my prayers for good health.. I know many of you will come to my defense and say I should be praying for my good health as well but my point is why use my time on myself when there’s so many people praying for me and I don’t know of any that are praying for them. There’s someone else out-there that needs my prayer much more than myself. God knows my needs and is blessing me, I believe He is going to continue to bless me with what I need.  

Have you ever thought about what you would do with the human race if you were God?  

How would you treat them in light of their rebellion, the neglect and mockery of you?

We really can’t put ourselves in God’s shoes. He is far greater than we are and could ever be.  

If you were God would you be tempted to wipe out the human race and blot them from your memory?  

Would you even try to do anything good for them, knowing that you would still be rejected?

That isn’t God’s way. The proof is Jesus Christ. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God, He punished them by sending death to the human race. But He refused to stamp them out, and even promised an eventual way of salvation. That way is Jesus Christ, who loved us so much that He gave His life for us. Thank God today for His Grace to you. Grace that is greater than all your sins…
My friends, I want something more.. I don’t want to just say a prayer and pat myself on the back and beat my chest. I want to change people’s life. I want to make a difference.. I want to change how people think. I want people to feel God’s presence. I want the chemo patients to know that God is on the 7th floor. I want your prayers that are intended for me to go to those people that are really suffering on the 7th floor. You don’t need to know their name. Pray that they may feel God presence and feel Him strengthening their bodies. They need prayer too. After each chemo treatment that I have received up until April this year, I have walked out of my room to my car under my own strength. That is a blessing from God. Our society is the way it is because we have become selfish. We worry about ourselves only.   It’s ALL about me and me feeling good. 

What about those that don’t have anyone? 

Those that have been forgotten? 

What about those that don’t know God? 

Our country need a miracles and God is the only one I know of that’s in the miracle business but it all starts with you and a change of heart…

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

MY CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU… Lift up those on the 7th floor and look at your heart. Do you want a pat on the back that gives you a fuzzy feeling?

I hope that you all have a TERRIFIC day.. Blessings & much love….D

ALWAYS…..Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!

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