Come As You Are!!!

Good Morning my friends,

“By faith Noah….became an heir of the righteousness which comes by faith.” (Hebrews 11:7)

My friends, this life is so short..   We don’t know what tomorrow brings.. Satan loves procrastination.   His biggest desire is for you to put off your salvation because when you do, he has you for one more day..   Don’t let your pride hold you back.   I was 43 years old when I relinquished my reigns to Jesus. I thought I was saved for 30+ years but I finally realized that I only had a head knowledge of Christ and not a heart knowledge.  Believe me there’s a HUGE difference and it’s up to you to decide if you’re just lost or like me!!   Don’t continue to turn your back on Him because once He comes it will be too late.  God will do the same to you as you did Him, He will turn His back on you and He will judge you for your sins.  

My friends, people laughed at Noah, they mocked his words, and went about their usual business and enjoyed their worldly pleasures without ever dreaming that he might be right. God was speaking through Noah but they ignored Gods calling . Can’t you see the people when Noah started building the ark. They either told him or others how crazy he was. Would you have been one of those? I imagine the same thing is being said about me and my other Christian brothers and sisters that are warning that Jesus is coming. I can hear them… Boy, that Dino is a Jesus freak, I think he’s gone crazy!!! 

With Noah it had never even rained!!   Every day Noah’s neighbors would walk by and say, “hey Noah when’s that flood coming?”  You know they would just look at him and laugh.  Noah had to be the butt of a lot of jokes..  BUT eventually, God’s patience grew thin and gave out, and once that happened it was too late.   The door closed on the ark and they sat waiting for three days for it to start raining..  You know people still walked by and beat on the side of the ark and made fun..  Then that faithful day came. Then there was that first drop and then the second & third but then all of a sudden the waters from the Heavens opened up and it started to pour. I can see them now running to the ark and beating on its sides begging for Noah to let them in.  Men, women and even children struggled for their lives, clutching pieces of driftwood and then the pitiless hand of death reached up and drew them down beneath the cruel waves.  It was too late. They had ample warning but they refused to listen to their calling.   It was so simple but they tossed it away for the world and its sinful ways.. Death could have been avoided by just coming to God.  Instead every soul outside the ark perished.  

Today we’re faced with the similar situation. People are being warned about Jesus’ return, but instead of listening to God’s calling they are mocking and ridiculing others because of their belief that Christ is returning and God is going to judge the world.  You can’t come to Christ unless God calls you.  If you continue to ignore His calling then you’re in the gravest danger because someday God’s patience is going to grow thin and He will no longer call you..  Then it’s going to be too late.     I can see it now, the trumpets are soon going to sound and our Heavenly Father is going to call His children home. Airplanes are going to fall from the sky. Cars are going to be abandoned. Loved ones are going to vanish before your very eyes but all of those that mocked and ignored God’s calling will remain. A lot then will make a beeline to the nearest church. Churches are going to be overflowing with people wanting to repent. Bars will be empty but it will be too late.. It’s was so simple. All you had to do is turn your back on the world and its sinful ways, repent of your sins, ask Jesus into your heart and “take up thy cross and follow Him.” Now is the time to come to Christ while theres still time. He stands ready to welcome you into His safe and loving arms.

God warned the people of Noah’s day, “My a Spirit shall not strive with man forever.” (Genesis 6:3) 

MY CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU….. Come to Christ while there is still time.

I hope that you all have a TREMENDOUS day.. Blessings & much love….D

ALWAYS…..Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!

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