Church Family

Good Morning my friends, 

     Pastor Bosher reminds us on a regular basis that, “this is not the perfect church and even if it were, it would be imperfect the minute we joined it!” How true is that! We Christians aren’t perfect, and we don’t become perfect when we join together in a church. Can a person be a Christian without going to church? Is a walk through the woods or a relaxing game of golf as spiritually uplifting as a service of worship? The answer is…both yes and no. Yes, when you come to Christ and commit your life to Him, God accepts you as an individual, just as you are. There are times when He draws us closer to Himself when we reflect on His beauty or enjoy His good gifts. 

 I don’t want to bash my fellow Christian brothers & sisters but there have been times that I feel that they need to be reminded of not to do. Many times I’ve seen Christian abandon or kick a brother & sister when they’re down. These actions alienate their brother & sister from the rest of the congregation. When a brother or sister falls down, a Christian is suppose to kneel down and wrap their loving arms around them and gently pick them up and continue embracing them during their most desperate time of need. When Keri & I went through the worst times of our marriage four years ago. We were at our all time low. My “church family” turned their back on me. I realize that my actions were wrong but to turn their back on me during the time when I needed it the most was not Biblical. On the flip side, Keri was embraced but alienated quickly when she said, “she would NEVER leave me.” Her support group whom was suppose to have been guiding her biblically did everything in their power to coerce her to leave me. Every chance they got they bashed me directly to her. They planned a getaway for her to be try to convince her to leave me. When it was all said & done, the damage was done. It was beyond repair. We left the church and never went back. They never attempted to contact us, nor did they ever apologize for their actions. When a married couple goes through something like we did, a true Christian opens their heart to them. They should show love and kindness and counsel in a Biblical way. Keri & I both learned from that church’s imperfections. Yes, we stop going to that church but we didn’t allow this to keep us from going completely. We found a new church home and a new church family.  

When you come to Christ, you are a part of His family. Every true Christian is now your brother or sister. Don’t use your church’s imperfections as an excuse to stay away. Instead, ask God to use the preaching of His Word and your fellowship with others to make you more like Christ. 


“Love the brotherhood of believers.” (1 Peter 2:17)

MY CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU….. Embrace your church family daily in all situations..

I hope you all have a MAGNIFICENT day.. Blessings & much love….D

ALWAYS…..Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!

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One thought on “Church Family

  1. Dino God is truly speaking to you. We just discussed this very issue at our church this weekend. How imperfect we are and how we need to be there for each other. God bless you buddy!!

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