Spiritual Milk

Good Morning my friends, 

     When I finally accepted Christ as my Savior almost 4 years ago, one of the things I knew is that I had to learn patience. I knew that if I wanted to grow that I had to do it God’s Way. Growing up in church, I knew what mistakes not to make… I knew to expect Satan to attack because although he lost my soul when I was save that doesn’t mean that he’s just going to give up. His strategies just change. I knew he would do his best to drive a wedge between me & the church. I knew he would try to create doubt in my mind. Doubt is a win for him because it changes your actions.. When your actions change, this allows people that are watching you and waiting for you to fail to pounce and call you a hypocrite. This is the work of the enemy because satan knows that when peers start pointing out your failures and calling you out that it’s easier to just give in and stop. That is why you bury yourself in His Word.. If doubt creeps in you go to Him in prayer and read even more Scripture.. Scripture and prayer are fuel for the soul. It brings you confidence, builds growth, increases your energy and strengthens your walk.. You must have patience.. Grow your faith gradually and you will strengthen yourself so that you will not fall to the temptations & desires of the world.  

“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation” 1 (Peter 2:2)

Birth is just the beginning for a newborn baby; a child isn’t meant to be a baby forever. Instead it is meant to grow and become strong and eventually reach adulthood. The same is true for when you first come to Christ. You begin as “spiritual newborns” but you aren’t meant to remain that way. God’s plan is for you to grow strong in your faith and become mature in your understanding of His will. You must take steps to grow spiritually strong, and you do that by consuming the “pure spiritual milk” God has provides you. What is that milk? First, God has given you the Bible; through it you learn about Him and His will for your life. God has also given you the privilege of prayer and fellowship with other believers. If any of those things are missing, your growth will be stunted.  

MY CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU…. Make God’s “pure spiritual milk” part of your soul’s diet everyday.  

I hope you all have a TREMENDOUS day.. Blessings & much love….D

ALWAYS…..Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!

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