It’s Not About You

Good Morning my friends!!!

     Building projects….song selection…..musical instruments……..”hypocrites”.. These are all reasons why people stop attending church.. I’m amazed when I hear these various reasons as to why people stop going to church as if they were expecting perfection of from congregation of sinners.  When you follow Christ it’s not like you become Him.  The goal is to try to model your life after Him through His teachings..

     So you don’t support building projects which helps with church growth? You want to be stagnant when there are 1000’s of lost souls that are within the finger tips? It’s not about you or your wants.. If God is blessing your church and packing your services and SS school rooms then followGod’s lead.  

     Oh you would rather have Praise & Worship and less Old Hymns or vice versa.. Since when did it become about the type of music you look. God just wants us to worship Him with all our heart and soul. He doesn’t care what song you sing, just worship Him and don’t worry about what other people think. We have you hand or hands in the air and say Hallelujah!!  

     Oh you don’t think there should be guitars & drums… Why is that? God blessed these people these people with the talent to play that instrument.. Who are you to say what God wants in His house? Go read your Bible and you will learn what pleases God during worship and I can promise you it’s not just piano and an old organ unless that’s all you have.  

     My favorite… Church is full of hypocrites.. NO you’re wrong…. Church is full of sinners like you that are seeking Christ. People go to church so they can be filled with the Holy Spirit.. So they can hear God’s a Word. A hypocrite is someone that use to attend church but stops for a foolish reason..

    When are people going to realize that church is not about their personal “likes” & “dislikes”.. You’re suppose to be an adult. As a “Christian” what message are you sending to your kids, neighbors..etc when you get your feelings hurt and you STOP going.. That John Doe is nothing but a hypocrite.. He’s been trying to get me to come to church for a couple of years and now he’s not going to church because of the song selection… Sounds silly huh?

     Church is not about you… It’s about worshipping our Holy God.. It’s about building your faith stronger by hearing His Word preached.

“The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8)

I once listened to a pastor tell this story about a man and his that stopped going to church because he didn’t agree with spending the money for a bigger auditorium. Several months had passed and his wife died suddenly of an illness. The man found himself wishing he had never left church; his loneliness was almost unbearable. But would he have the courage to swallow his pride and go back to church? Finally he did, and his only regret was that he hadn’t done it sooner.  

    Does this reminds you of decisions that you’ve made into your life and regret? Maybe you need to swallow your pride? Do you need to apologize and admit you were wrong about something? Do you need to work to restore your relationship with a brother or sister in Christ? Or, do you need to just get back into a fellowship of believers? Let go of your pride–and then patiently wait to see how God will work to restore your heart and change your life.  


MY CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU… Confess your pride and seek God’s wisdom and strength for the future.
I hope you all have a MARVELOUS day.. Blessings & much love….D
ALWAYS…..Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!
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One thought on “It’s Not About You

  1. Dino, wants again God has put on your a great message. Our Pastor was talking about something similiar. Church participation and standing together for God’s message despite our diversity.

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