Life is Short

This morning I come to you with a heavy heart. A heart that is mourning the loss of one my best friends from high school. I wish I had some magic words that would ease the pain for the family of my friend & brother Lee Morrison but I don’t. Late last night when I received the phone call & news from Lee’s step-mom Katie, I was left in shock and without words.

As I laid in bed last night praying for peace & comfort for the family, I thought about the many memories that I had with Lee. I met Lee in 8th grade and we became friends instantly, but in high school we became best friends. Our last two years of HS me, Lee, & Shannon
Thompson were inseparable. Where you saw one, you would see the other two. We were connected by our love for old cars, drag racing & street racing..

After graduating from high school we remained close but as the years passed, we each chose our different paths in life. I had not seen Lee for well over 10 years until about three years ago. I went to his house in Bridgeport one evening and when I saw his infectious smile it was like we had never been apart. Our bond and connection was still there despite our years apart. As we departed we both promised each other that we would stay in touch and get together soon. We stayed in touch via Facebook but life got in our way of us getting together..

Life has a way of getting in the way and then before we know it’s been 2-3 years or sometimes even a decade or more. Our life here on earth is short enough but when it’s cut shorter by a tragedy it just isn’t fair. My faith tells me that God has a plan for each of us and it was God’s plan to call Lee home yesterday. I don’t understand it and not even going to try because the Bible tells us in Isaiah 55:8, that God’s “thoughts are not our thoughts and neither are our ways His ways.” Life might have gotten in the way of two mid-40 year old high school buddies making a new memory together but it can not take away the times we shared before. I will hold those memories close to my heart and cherish those because LIFE IS SHORT… and some day I will see my high school buddy again and we will make a new memory in Heaven..


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