The Grace of Gratitude

Good Morning & Happy Thanksgiving my friends,

The Pilgrim Fathers who landed at Plymouth in 1620 knew nothing of the bountiful prosperity that were experience and enjoy today. During their first long winter, seven times as many graves were dug for the dead as homes were built for the living. Seed imported from England, failed to grow, and a ship that was to bring food and relief brought thirty-five more mouths to feed, but not an ounce of provisions. The Pilgrims caught fish and hunted wild fowl and deer. They had a little English meal and some Indian corn.

Yet their lives were marked by a spirit of constant thankfulness. On one occasion William Brewster, rising from a scanty Plymouth dinner of clams and water, gave thanks to God “for the abundance of the sea and the treasures hid in the sand.”

According to today’s standards, the Pilgrim’s had little, but they possessed a sense of great gratitude. Gratitude is one of the greatest Christian graces, ingratitude, one of the most vicious sins.

“It is good to give thanks to The Lord.” (Psalm 92:1)

MY CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU!!! Ask God to open your eyes to all the blessings He has bestowed on you and to give you a fresh spirit of gratitude

I pray that YOU have an TERRIFIC day. Blessings & much love…. D

Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!






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