In God’s Hands

Good Morning my friends,

Everyday I close my devotion with LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE IT’S YOUR LAST24!!.. I choose to close my devotion with those few words because I want people to think about the choices they make daily. Can you imagine how nice the world would be if we knew that Jesus was going to return tomorrow? More people would be opening doors for others. More people would let people ahead of them while in merging heavy traffic. More people would give that homeless person at the red light their last couple of dollars in their wallet. More people would say please and thank you. Husbands would be more loving & attentive to their wife and kids. Men would choose to go to lunch at Chili’s instead Hooters or Redneck Heaven. The choices that people would become more divine & righteous. Churches would over flow. Sunday School classes would be packed. I am saddened that the world we live in is like this. I am saddened that I described the actions of some of my friends. I am saddened that people/friends don’t realize that this indeed could be their LAST 24 but will still live today according to their own desires & will. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow or even this evening, it needs to be lived glorifying God…

Ultimately we are in God’s hands. The next breath you take is a gift from Him. If He was to withdraw His hand from you, your life would end, despite the most strenuous efforts from your doctors. The psalmist said it best, “When you take away their breath, they die and return to the dust” (104:29)
What difference should this make? It reminds us of our dependence on God. All too often we assume that our lives and our futures are in our hands. But they not; they’re solely in His hands. He gave us life, and someday He will bring our time on Earth to an end. It should also remind us that each day is a gift from God-a gift to be used wisely, joyfully, and for His glory. And this gift of life should remind us of an even greater gift-the gift of eternal life in Christ. Thank God for the gift of today (TGIT) and for the gift of eternal life that awaits us.

“As no one has power over the wind to contain it, so no one has power over the time of their death.” (Ecclesiastes 8:8)

My CHALLENGE PRAYER for YOU…. Choose to live each day like its your LAST 24..

I hope you all have a AWESOME day.. Blessings & much love….D

Live YOUR life like it’s your LAST 24!!!!




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